Monday, August 1, 2011

Deanna's Closet Purge

Earlier this summer I told my friend Deanna, that I would help her organize her closet.

Well, two Sunday's ago I spent my day knee deep in clothes...SERIOUSLY.

Halfway through the process of helping my friend Deanna purge/store/organize her closet I realized that I wish I would have taken before and after pictures.  It would have been a great organizing blog for me to post but, to little to late.  However, I do have a couple after pictures to share.  Deanna already had great bones for a closet.  As you walk in there are 2 bars in front of you as you walk in that allows for shirts up top and pants/skirts down below.   To the right is a high bar that allows for dresses and long winter coats.  On the left, there are shelves which are great for shoes/purses/accessories.  

When we first started, she had the 2 bars loaded with shirts ONLY. The shelves were full of sweaters and towels.  The floor was full of piles of clothes that were from her pregnancy or just too big.  I tease her all the time that she wears something different every time I see her and she is definitely known as the fashionista among our friends, so I knew that I would have a big task at hand.  Expecting to see tears shed or tantrums thrown I was bracing for an emotional day, but it ended up being a great process for Deanna.  When we finished she even said that it was long overdue....and it was.

To make the process easy as we were going through her clothes we had 4 separate piles:

1. Goodwill/ Yardsale
2. Storage
3. Maybe's
4. Keepers

At the end of the purge we ended up with this:


I even convinced her to get rid of all her wire hangers, which I think are terrible on your clothes and leave those little puckers on the shoulders of your shirts.

Her shelf wall is what I was the most impressed with after I finished organizing everything.  I couldn't get a picture from floor to ceiling (LITERALLY...FLOOR TO CEILING SHOES AND PURSES) but this is the portion that I did get a picture of:

In person her closet looks like a little boutique. :)

After the whole process, you could actually see the floor of her closet and the bottom rack was only 1/4 full.  



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