Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trip Home to Paris and "Simply Hoppy" Inspiration

At the end of July I made a trip home to visit my family for a VERY special reason.  My beautiful niece turned 9 years old.  I missed her birthday party, but thanks to her Aunt Heather I was able to get a glimpse into her Justin Bieber themed party.

Check out her IPOD cake, that had Justin Bieber songs in the playlist.  Too cute and so is SHE!

Creek on brothers property.
While I was there, we decided to take the Mule out for a ride.  

Now, when I was telling this story to my boss, he literally thought we took a Mule(the animal) for a ride around the property....Not the case!  It is an ATV called a mule...just so we are clear!

Isn't the country pretty.

And how can you not take a picture of this face...my nephew is such a handsome little dude.  He looks so rough and tough in this picture, but don't let it fool you...he is such a sweet boy!

And those cowlicks...some guys work forever to get the hair that this boy has naturally.

Look closely at this picture....something here may pop up in my bedroom one day.

Do you see it?

Remember in my very first post that I mentioned a hat that inspired my blog name?

Much to my delight my brother still has this hat.  So, while I was home I figured I would capture a few pictures to share with all of you.

My dad was part of the Blue Blazers during the Vietnam War.  He didn't talk about the War at all..to me at least, so I don't have any stories to share from "Hoppy's" perspective.

But, I'm glad my brother still has this hat and I was able to share it on here.

On another not today is a special day.  It's my brothers birthday.  So happy birthday to the best brother a girl can ask for.....

Happy Birthday Scott!

I hope today treats you well and I love you very much!


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