Monday, August 8, 2011

Makeover Monday: Jewelry Box Makeover

Last fall...lets just say I had a tiny fascination addiction.

You couldn't separate me and a can of spray paint for more than a couple days without me having some sort of withdrawal.  I was convinced that many of the things I had around the house needed a facelift.  Rightfully so they did, but soon I found myself scavenging thrift stores and Habitat for Humanity stores looking for anything that needed to be gussied up.

While at the Habitat Restore in Brentwood one day, I snagged this little beauty for $8.

I did not have a jewelry armoire to store my jewelry in at the time and while I knew this wouldn't hold much, I figured it would be a start....and also provide me a spray paint Fix.

You might remember me mentioning the other day, that I am on a kick with all things white. 

Well things weren't much different a year ago.

Isn't she so much prettier with a fresh coat of white spray paint??




  1. Hi Candice! Welcome to blogging! She does in fact look prettier in white! Paint can work miracles, can't it?

    I'm your newest follower.

  2. ok that is the cutest little jewelry box ever! love the caning on it!