Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fasting...good or bad?

Last weekend, my friend Lindsey sent me a movie suggestion and I have to admit at first I was a little skeptical of watching just by the title.  She suggested a documentary called “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.”  Sounds like something you would want to watch, right?!?!?!

First, let me give you a little background on Lindsey.  She is one my best friends that I can always count on to live in a different state every two years or so.  This makes my vacation plans very easy!  Anyway, before I made my first visit to Colorado, I was pre-warned that her and her boyfriend have BOTH become vegetarians.  I was OK with this idea, thinking that I could be a vegetarian for one week, since I have never been a big meat eater to begin with. Little did I know that it would have such an impact on the way I felt that after 1 week on a vegetarian diet, I would stick with it.  It is 1 year later, I'm still a vegetarian (or really a pesco-vegetarian:  I still eat fish) and yet again Lindsey has unintentionally thrown me another dietary challenge.  You see, the documentary that she suggested is about a guy that takes part in a 60 day Juice fast.  This guy was able to rid himself of all his medications, cured a skin condition he suffered with and also lost about 100 L.B.S.  WOW!


60 days is a little extreme for the results that I'm looking for, since I am not on any medication, nor do I suffer from any debilitating illness.  All I'm really looking for is to jump start my system: Cleanse out all the toxins and muck that are currently sitting in my intestines. 

Disclaimer:  This guy suggests doing a fast under a doctor’s supervision, but I'm a young, healthy woman so I don't foresee running into any road blocks along the way, other than just HUNGER!  So I'm doing this at my own risk.

So starting on Tuesday, July 19th I'm going to take part in a 7-10 day fast.  I say 7 to 10 days because I will judge the time based on how I'm feeling and the results that I am achieving during the process.  Coming out of the fast, my goal is to really clean up my diet.  I'm going to stop eating out so much and really focus on raw, nutrient rich foods.  This weekend I'm going to Atlanta for a Bachelorette Party, so this is part of the reason I chose to start on Tuesday.  My diet over the weekend will not make for desirable conditions to start a fast first thing on Monday morning, so Monday I’m going to consume only foods that I prepare processed foods.  Tuesday, I will begin my 7-10 day journey.

Wish me luck,


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